Kitchen Decorating Ideas with Beautiful Wooden Floors

small cool kitchens with wooden floor
small cool kitchens with wooden floor
Kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house. Most of the people value kitchen the most when it comes to cleanliness, decency and flooring. When deciding for the kitchen flooring you have to be very clear because you have to think over several issues. From kitchen counters to cabinets all the things should compliment each other. you need to choose the pattern and color scheme which is coordinating the other wooden work and the counters. So start with the kitchen structure and stepwise complete it.

that wood floors in the kitchen can be a great option – and are even easier to maintain then other types such as tile. There is never any dirty grout to clean, and they can easily be wiped down with a mop with a machine washable microfiber pad. If you have a quality polyurethane finish on the wood floor in the kitchen, it can prove to be just as water-resistant as other floor types. These have a beautiful sheen but will require a refinish annually.

In addition to natural-woodtone stains, wood floors take nicely to colorwash stains that let the grain show. They also take well to painting. Chic and classic looks include stripes, checkerboard squares, or diamonds using two alternating-color stripes. Faux-stone looks are also classic options and may be combined with checkerboard squares or diamonds: During the colonial period, itinerant artists were hired to paint plain wood floors in such faux marble tile patterns. With real hardwood flooring, even if you dent it over the years a simple refinish can have your wood floor in the kitchen looking like new.

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